Henk Lategan want to learn in Hungary

Július 10.
A Veszprém Rallyra érkező Dél-Afrikai fiú a Rally VB és a Rally EB helyett választatotta a magyar bajnoki futamot, a rallysport.hu-nak adott interjújában nem titkolja, tanulni jön Magyarországra, de nem maradhat sokáig, jövő héten már otthon száll versenybe.

Hungarian version

How a guy from South-Africa, like You decides to participate on a rally at the other half of the world - in Hungary?

-We decided to do this rally because we wanted to start racing outside South Africa just for a new challenge and because there are more opportunities in Europe, but we didn't want to jump straight into WRC or ERC just to keep a lower profile and not to put too much pressure on ourselves. Why this rally specifically? I don't really know you will have to ask my dad. But it looks like a good rally. My knowledge about this rally and the Hungarian championship is not very extensive and everything I know I've only learnt in the few weeks leading up to the race. I have been told that it is competitive and there are some really fast drivers.

At home you are racing with a Volkswagen Polo, but here you will try a Skoda. How big is the difference or the similarity between the two cars?

- The two cars are fairly similar, as the Polo is based on the Skoda. They are both great cars.

How difficult was to race on the unknown stages of Italy based on your pacenotes as in South-Africa the regulations and specifications are a little bit different?

- It was difficult because it was my first time doing a recce and writing my own pacenotes, but I was surprised at how good the notes were and I could trust them straight away. This rally also gives me another opportunity to practice writing my own notes.


How long do you plan to stay in Hungary? Will you stay for a little bit more to take a look around in this country?

- Sadly I can only stay for the rally and then I have to head straight back to south Africa because we have a rally here next weekend.

How do you prepare for Veszprém Rally?

- I have looked at some of the videos of the stages. We won't have a big test before the race, we will only have a shakedown.

What would be the result make you satisfied at the finish line?

- At this point I am not looking for great results. We are here to gain experience and compare ourselves against the competition in Hungary. Obviously I will try get some quick stages and drive at a good pace, but the most important thing is to finish the rally and gain experience.

What are your plans for the next three years? Where would you like to do the rally by that period?

- We do not have a set plan for the future yet, but I would like to rally for as long as possible and also try go as far as possible, but it's all about getting the right opportunities and maybe getting a bit lucky at this point.